Friday, July 5, 2013

The Scoop on Planning Your St Barth Vacation

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth - Infinity Pool
Hotel Le Toiny St Barth

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth Publishes eGuide

St Barth in Style

We're working to demystify travel to our beautiful island paradise of St. Barthelemy.  On top of our usual updates via +Hotel Le Toiny, we've decided to add a few informational pages to our Hotel Le Toiny St Barth website that will be of use for anyone looking to visit St. Barth regardless of where you are staying or why you are visiting.

St. Barth is a lifestyle, a way of life, an essence of being ... our new eGuide can be found here:

We would be immensely appreciative if you would help us build on our initiative by providing feedback, comments, recommendations, criticisms so we can make this a valuable resource to all luxury seekers contemplating a visit to our shores!

We basically try to give a 50,000 foot view of what to expect during your trip planning to St Barth.  Of course the best way to eliminate all the hassle is to email to have someone from the helpful reservations team walk you through the entire process and give you live personable advise on how to proceed.  Reservations can also be reached by phone at +590 590 27 88 88.

Why St Barth?

One of the things I've learned is that the most valuable commodity is not silver, gold, or money, but time ...  How you choose to spend that time is really one of life's great questions.  We are all engaged in some way shape or form in a daily grind - a St Barth vacation is the perfect foil to the stressors we are faced with every day.

It's not just the warm humid tropical air, or the beaches - after all there are many beaches in tropical places (though I don't think you'll find many quite as beautiful as Saline beach or St. Jean beach anywhere in the world!).

The true magic of St. Barth lies in its "stresslessness".  Freedom from concerns over well-being and safety - it is a place where you can completely let loose in a 5-Star environment.

This entire 9 square mile island is a resort unto itself - we would would be honoured if you would make Hotel Le Toiny your home during your visit.

Monday, June 17, 2013

St Barth Hotel: The All Private Villa Suite Hotel Le Toiny

St Barth Hotel: Hotel Le Toiny

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth: Private Luxury Villa Suite Hotel Le Toiny St Barth: Private Luxury Villa Suite St. Barthelemy (often referred to as St Barth, St Barths, St Bart, or St Barts) is a small and unique French island in the Caribbean that is dotted with some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world. Unlike many of its neighboring islands in the region which attempt to diversify their offerings by focusing on offshore banking, trust and estate planning, and international financial services, this French West Indies Caribbean island concerns itself with only one industry - tourism. The island offers a number of significant advantages for the high-end luxury seeking traveler - these advantages include:
  1. Absolute safety and security
  2. The finest hotels and villa accommodations
  3. World-class gourmet cuisine
  4. Beautiful beaches, parks, facilities, and ocean-views
  5. Haute-couture designer shopping
  6. Excellent electrical, water, and communications infrastructure
  7. Island-wide high standards of service and education

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth

Nothing exemplifies the above seven points more than the exclusive and exquisite Hotel Le Toiny St Barth. Founded in November 1992 the hotel has become the standard bearer for exquisite luxury and privacy, and the preferred destination and accommodation for celebrities and the ultra-high net-worth traveler visiting St Barth. The how and why of the hotel's success is what is most intriguing and unique even compared to the exacting and high standards of a St Barth Hotel. First of all, in order to understand St. Barth, you must understand that the business of lodging is not that of standard chain hotels. The entire island rooms count consists of boutique hotels and villas. The business of villa rental is so significant that the number of villa rooms exceeds the number of hotel rooms available.

St Barth 5-Star Luxury Private Villa Suite Hotel

Hotel Le Toiny St Barth capitalizes on this fact by delivering excellent 5-Star service as a resort hotel whilst all of its "rooms" are actually fully appointed luxury private villas each with its own private pool and ocean views. This provides the discerning traveler with the following:
  • a complete private villa ensconced within a 5-star hotel
  • a full private breakfast on your private terrace every morning created by the hotel's renowned Restaurant Le Gaiac St Barth
  • your own private pool with ocean views
  • your own parking spot
  • full 5-star service for your luxury villa suite
  • fully stocked kitchenette
  • access to a private virgin beach - Toiny Beach at Anse de Toiny

St Barth Luxury Private Villa Suite Defined

The concept of the all Private Luxury Villa Suite St Barth Hotel with full 5-Star services in a resort setting with spa, pool, fitness facilities, beach, boutique, and complete range of concierge services is unique. Whereas many hotels and resorts have a combination of rooms, suites, and villas - which in and of itself dilutes the quality and consistency of the guest services experience - Hotel Le Toiny St. Barth, comprised of 15 such Luxury Private Villas, has perfected the art of managing and providing the highest levels of service to their villa guests throughout their 40 acre resort. They are one of the few 5-Star resorts in St Barth, and indeed internationally, that are able to successfully offer their full range of services and amenities to every villa resident.

A Definitive St Barth Experience

Hotel Le Toiny's private luxury villa experience is definitive of a St. Barth Hotel - by definition it is not a product designed for the masses - it can only be appreciated by a finite number of elite couples every year. A stay at Hotel Le Toiny St Barth is the culmination of luxury, privacy, and exclusivity and represents the spirit that is St. Barth. The Luxury Private Villa Suite experience makes Hotel Le Toiny St Barth perfect for honeymooners, retirees, and the well heeled who enjoy expansive living areas and your every whim energetically cared for. It is a hotel that can easily accommodate extended stays with many guests staying for months and complete seasons. Hotel Le Toiny St Barth offers the freedom to unwind and rejuvenate in a hotel setting that does its utmost to emulate a luxuriously appointed home.